Remembering Hallel Yaffa Ariel z”l

A touching Facebook post from the wonderful and thoughtful Dina Leeds.


She was a young 14year old dancer from Hebron. She was murdered while sleeping in her bed by Palestinian terrorists. “Neighbors”

Her mother writes this in her honor and asks all to take on one more good deed:

To my beloved Hallel Yaffa. Shortly, on the seventh of Tevet, you will celebrate your 14th Birthday. In the heavens. You were always so happy on this day. We used to sit together and talk about your birthday present…together we would bake a cake for your friends. And I saw your joy and your lovely smile- so filled with light. Now I can no longer celebrate with you. G-d himself is responsible for planning your Birthday party. And it will be a happy event- so close to him…although it’s crowded there, under the heavenly throne..there are many people and children up there with you. Be happy there together- my daughter.

Hallel Yaffa Ariel z"l
Hallel Yaffa Ariel z”l

I will stand in the distance.
Far far away.
With faith.
But silent.
But I still want to celebrate with you and make you happy…with great sorrow- without a cake, or a flower or even a hug. So I thought that if, on your Birthday, on the seventh of Tevet, everyone would take upon themselves to do one small good deed- in your memory- that this would bring you joy and comfort.


And if indeed these small deeds of kindness make you happy-then your beautiful smile will lighten up all the worlds up above us- and beyond.

Mazal Tov my dearest beloved.

Please share and pass on to others…so that we may merit a bit more of goodness and kindness.

Dina Leeds


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