Mazal Tov, Mr. Friedman.  David Friedman is exactly the right man at the right time to be the Ambassador. However, the Left are having conniption fits over the appointment.

The left-wing Jewish media are characterizing Mr. Friedman as “Hardline,” “to the right of Bibi,” “radical-right ambassador,” and other epithets. The Left is clearly displeased which, in my mind, means two things: 1) Friedman is a good pick, and 2) Israel, and the Palestinians, will benefit from the new American policy. The old policy of America toward Israel didn’t work, and the Palestinians have suffered as a result. The new policy should be much better for everyone in Israel and the territories.

Kol haKavod, Mr. Friedman.

Below are some related articles:

Trump taps adviser Friedman as ambassador to Israel; he expects to work from Jerusalem

President-elect Donald Trump will nominate his adviser and long-time friend David Friedman to be the next US ambassador to Israel, his transition team announced Thursday, in a statement that quoted Friedman predicting he would work from “Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”
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Jewish Insider

“Will Trump’s Ambassador Box In Bibi From The Right?” by Jacob Kornbluh: The question observers of the U.S. – Israel relationship are now pondering is whether Friedman will be ‘more Catholic than the Pope’ in regard to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? The Ambassador appointment is a dream come true for Friedman, who lobbied for the job since it became clear that Trump will occupy the Oval Office. On Election Day, Friedman told Jewish Insider that he hopes Trump “makes that choice” of appointing him. Not everyone in the pro-Israel community is as enthusiastic. Allies of Netanyahu are concerned the new U.S. Ambassador might attempt to box in the Prime Minister from the right by teaming up with leaders such as Education Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Bayit Yehudi Party, and who recently called for the abandonment of the two-state solution after Trump’s win.
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David Friedman Named as Next U.S. Ambassador to Israel

In an August interview with Ynet, Friedman was cautious about the possibility of relocating the American embassy to Jerusalem. “I think the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem is logistically something that can’t be done on the first day [but] I think that will happen in due course,” he said.

In the interview, Friedman also suggested that the new administration would demand that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas meet his obligation to promote peace with Israel. “The message to Abbas is that you have a burden that you have to carry to be taken seriously as a potential nation state,” Friedman said. “You haven’t met that burden yet. That includes renouncing violence, recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, creating infrastructure where money and funds are handled in a non-corrupt manner.”
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The Foolish Coming War on David Friedman

But back to personnel being policy. The reason Trump has chosen Friedman is that he has evidently decided he wants to up-end the conventional approach toward Israel and the Palestinians and go in a radically different direction. This was not predictable from Trump’s campaign rhetoric, when he talked about being “even-handed” and wanting to make a great real-estate deal. It’s possible he believes he can defibrillate the occluded heart of the “peace process” by approaching the Palestinians from a highly aggressive pro-Israel stance. If he actually wants to make a real deal, pursuing the entirely discredited approach of trying to drag the Palestinians to the table at which they refuse to sit is the worst possible strategy anyway.
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Trump’s Pick of David Friedman as Next US Envoy to Israel Draws Praise From Jewish Right, Dismay From Left

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of attorney David Friedman to serve as the next US ambassador to Israel has drawn praise from right-wing Jewish groups and dismay from the other side of the political spectrum.

The Friedman appointment “sends a powerful signal to the Jewish community and the State of Israel that President-elect Trump’s will strengthen the bond between our two countries and advance the cause of peace within the region,” Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement on Thursday.
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I am not including articles from the lunatic-Left like the New Yorker, Salon and the NY Times. If you want to read the Left having a breakdown, you can find those articles on your own.

Bottom line, the pick of David Friedman as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel is good for Israel, good for the Middle East, and good for the U.S.


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