The Torah (the five books of Moses) refers many times to the ram’s horn trumpet, known as the Shofar. The voice of the Shofar was sounded when there was an important announcement to be made to the Jewish people. It was also blown as a warning of impending danger, or attack. And blown again when there was a military victory. A ‘divine shofar’ sounded at Sinai when the Creator gave his Holy Law to the Jewish People. Every year we hear the Shofar during the New Year (Rosh Hashana) service.  There is an important New Year prayer that is read on Rosh Hashana called the Unataneh Tokef, that begins, ” The Great Shofar is sounded…”  The Shofar was sounded at important events throughout the history of the Jewish people.  The sound, or voice, of the Shofar, has great meaning to the Jewish people.
 A Jew sounding the Shofar. The voice of the Shofar is heard by the entire village.
And so, I have named this blog, “Voice of the Shofar” or, in Hebrew, Kol Shofar (קול שופר).  It will, like the shofar, alert the Jewish people to news of relevance. This will be both an informative blog and an opinion blog.  We will bring news and information of importance to the Jewish Community, and to the non-Jewish pro-Israel community.  Also I, and others, will express our opinion on topics of Jewish interest.


We hope that the information presented here will be of interest to non-Jews as well, but we especially hope that Jews will find it a place they can go to get important information about our people around the world.CV writing service


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The link below is to an article that describes the meaning of the Shofar.

The meaning of the Shofar

The video below is the actual sound, or voice, of the Shofar.